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BTS Member Suga Announces His Long-Awaited Debut Album

Suga, one of the most prolific members of the globally adored K-pop group BTS, is preparing to release his first-ever debut album, and it’s bound to be huge.

According to an announcement from his team shared on Sunday (April 2), the highly-anticipated album, titled D-DAY, is scheduled for release on April 21. Before that, however, Suga plans to drop the first song from the album on April 7. As of now, no information has been released about how many songs will be on the album, though the release does mention that he had a hand in writing and producing them.

The upcoming release will not be under Suga’s commonly-used name, but instead his alter ego nickname, Agust D. He has previously used this name for producing music outside of BTS, and he’s sticking with it.

This album appears to be the final release of Suga’s mixtape trilogy, which was pointed out by the press statement. He has two previous mixtapes, titled August D and D-2. The latter of the two, which was released in 2020, came close to breaking into the top 10 on the Billboard 200, peaking at No. 11, while its predecessor didn’t manage to reach the list.


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