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13 Reasons why Madrid is a foodie’s paradise

1. Cocido Madrileño

Cocido madrileño is a substantial dish prepared with meat and vegetables, it is most popular during the Winter but is served throughout the year in some restaurants. Cocido madrileño (literally “Madrid stew”) is a three-course meal of soup, chickpeas, and vegetables and meats. The name alone doesn’t define what gets thrown in the mix. Chickpeas are essential. Potatoes, carrots, and cabbage are usually added, but sometimes leeks, turnips, and green beans are included, as well.

The most popular places to try out Cocido Madrileño are Malacatín and Taberna de la Daniela Goya.

Cocido madrileño is a traditional chickpea-based stew from Madrid, Spain. It also has other vegetables and meat.

2. Huevos Rotos

Huevos roto often comes accompanied with bits of chorizo, slices of Iberian ham, seafood, or other types of meat or fish. Huevos rotos is any of a number of dishes involving eggs fried in a large amount of olive oil or any other oil. In Madrid, huevos estrellados is a dish based on a pan-fried egg with a liquid yolk, accompanied by French fries (some modern versions of this dish use chips), some kind of meat (typically ham, bacon, or a sausage like chorizo or chistorra). The dish is served hot, immediately after plating.

The most popular places to try out Huevos Rotos are Lucio’s Eggs, Los Rotos and Los Huevos de Lucio.

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Huevos rotos is a dish that consists of a few lightly fried eggs delicately placed over fried potatoes.


3. Bocadillo De Calamares


Bocadillo de calamares translated to English means ‘squid sandwich’ and it consist of flour battered squid that has been fried in olive oil. The basic version of this hot sandwich includes only fried squid and fresh crusty bread although there are certain styles that cover the sandwich with either a tomato and paprika puree or a homemade mayonnaise with garlic.

The most popular places to try out Bocadillo De Calamares are Meridian, Bar La Campana and Casa rua.

Spanish Squid Sandwich.

4. Jamón Ibérico

This Spanish food is made with cured ham that comes from black pigs located on the Iberian Peninsular. A very unique ham, jamón ibérico must contain, according to official Spanish rules, at least fifty percent Black Iberian pig in their ancestry. This dry-cured ham has a smooth texture and a rich and savory taste.

The most popular places to try out Jamón Ibérico are Tomas and Mercado Jamón Ibérico.

Black Iberian Pork.

5. Tostada Con Tomate

A Spanish dish that is typically served for breakfast, particularly in the region of Andalusia, tostada con tomate is simply toasted bread that is covered with fresh tomatoes, olive oil and some salt for seasoning. This is a classic Spanish tapas that is very easy to make but allows an appetizing meal to be made out of just regular bread and simple ingredients.

The most popular places to try out Tostada Con Tomate is Restaurante Bar Tomate.

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Fresh Tomato and Olive Oil on Toast.

6. Tortilla De Patatas


Tortilla de patatas is as signature as it is traditional in Spanish cuisine. This egg and potato omelette is commonly served room temperature as a tapa. A variation of this dish is found with onions. While the addition of onion is quite scandalous because it puts the quality of the tortilla into question. It is commonly known in Spanish-speaking countries as tortilla de patatas, tortilla de papas or tortilla española.

The most popular places to try out Tortilla De Patatas is Casa Dani.

Potato Frittata is a Spanish omelette made of eggs and potatoes.

7. Callos A La Madrileña


Callos a la Madrilena is a rich stew which is enjoyed across Spain even though it was first made in Madrid. It has a number of ingredients: beef, chickpeas, blood sausage, bell peppers, Chorizo sausage, onions, tomato sauce, garlic, paprika, Bay leaves, parsley, safforn, breadcrumbs, vinegar and garbanzo beans. With all of these savory ingredients, it is no wonder that it is on tourists’ list of dishes which must be tried when visiting Spain.

The most popular places to try out Callos A La Madrileña is Taberna San Mames.

Callos a la Madrilena: a delicious, traditional stew originating in Madrid.

8. Chocolate Con Churros

Churros con chocolate is a dessert available in eateries thoughout Madrid which is made up of two components: the fried fritter, lightly covered with sugar and served on a platter, and the melted chocolate which is presented in a cup. The fritters are dipped in the melted chocolate and the combination of the fritter and chocolate is sublime.

The most popular places to try out Chocolate Con Churros are Restaurante Hegar and Chocolatería San Ginés.

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Churros Con Chocolate: a sinfully delicious treat which must be experienced by everyone who visits Madrid.

9. Garlic Soup


Garlic Soup is a traditional Spanish soup and perfect for dunking bread into. In Castilian culture it is called sopa de ajo and made with bread, egg poached in chicken broth and sherry. Add some crusty bread and it makes a wonderful winter comfort meal. Variations of this soup can be found in France, Poland, Slovakia, Mexico and the Czech Republic.

The most popular places to try out Garlic Soup is Sobrino de Botín.

Garlic Soup is a perfect bread-dipping soup.

10. Gazpacho And Salmorejo


There are a few differences that distinguishes the two different kinds of cold soups. Gazpacho is often made with vegetables such as onions and peppers. Gazpacho is also drunk from a glass. Salmorejo soup usually only has tomatoes and sometimes a clove of garlic. Salmorejo is eaten from a bowl.

The most popular places to try out Gazpacho And Salmorejo are Batavia Healthy Food, Garbel and Citylife.

Gazpacho and Salmorejo are nourishing cold soups made with vegetables.

11. Tortilla Española

Tortilla española, also called tortilla de patatas, tortilla de papas, or Spanish omelette, is widely available in most Spanish-speaking countries. Deep-fried potatoes, olive oil, whipped egg, and salt are used to prepare this omelette, which is typically served at room temperature as a tapa. Some versions include minced onion, though this addition is controversial among tortilla española purists.

The most popular places to try out Tortilla Española are Cerveriz Bar and Bodega La Ardosa: tortilla star.

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omelette of eggs and potatoes, served at room temperature.

12. Patatas Bravas


Patatas bravas, also called patatas a la brava or papas bravas translates to “spicy potatoes” . It is made with cubed white potatoes that are double-fried until crunchy, then covered with a spicy tomato sauce consisting of onions, garlic, chilli powder and paprika. They originated in Madrid and are traditionally served as tapas in bars and restaurants in many regions of Spain.

The most popular places to try out Patatas Bravas is Las Bravas.

Patatas bravas are the ultimate Spanish comfort food.

13. Burgers

Hugely popular in the West, burgers have know become more desired in other countries such as Spain. In Madrid you can find many varieties of burgers that include ingredients like beef, pork, ostrich and even zebra. Topping off the burger is usually a range of fresh vegetables and aromatic cheeses.

The most popular places to try out Burgers are Bacoa Burger and Juanchi’s Burger Madrid

Spanish Burgers

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